Presentation & Process

PRESENTATION and PROCESS are the key elements in meeting with good results.

Navigating today’s changing banking system can be a daunting process for many organizations. CFO’s and Financial Professionals often do not have the time to effectively structure financing requests.

  • Is your CFO inundated? Capital Point Advisors supports your CFO by getting involved and handling the “heavy lifting” of raising capital, allowing your CFO to maintain focus on day-to-day operations.
  • Don’t have a CFO? Capital Point Advisors is often engaged as “acting CFO” to develop senior debt relationships and raise capital on behalf of our clients.

We strive to obtain a complete understanding of our clients’ organization and are highly ethical in estimating our ability to deliver. We run the entire process from engagement to closing, committing our time, energy and resources to all clients with 100% partner level attention.


Capital Point Advisors knows how to tell the story. We work tirelessly to obtain a rigorous understanding of our clients and their operations. We present strengths and anticipate any perceived weaknesses, mitigating them upfront. We are thoughtful in our presentation and we take the time to present well.

Lenders know us and being ex-bankers we speak their language. Capital Point Advisors has a deep understanding of the credit, underwriting and presentation process that lenders require. As a result, our packages are a top priority when it hits a lenders desk because their work is essentially complete. We present crisp, professional packages that are fully underwritten with all supporting analysis and transaction detail, allowing the banker to go directly to their respective committees for approval to issue term sheets.


A well run process generates interest from several prospective parties who are vying for the transaction, resulting in a high level of competition among lending sources. Capital Pointe Advisors leverages all available resources to obtain the most favorable outcome for our clients, not leaving “money on the table.” We negotiate tirelessly on behalf of our clients on all terms, pricing and covenants, and make recommendations based upon our client’s needs.

What is the result of a well run process? Lenders asking “what can we do to win this business?”